Steph Curry’s Most Disrespectful Taunts

Steph Curry is very good at basketball. This we know, this we have seen. He’s inspiring a generation of children in a way not seen since Jordan, and he’s doing it with a similar form of brash showmanship. It’s easy to see why so many kids love Steph. He’s exciting, seems like a good dude off the court, and he’s able to play both hero and villain in a way that would most certainly perplex Harvey Dent. Steph looks like he’s 12, sports a NASTY goatee thing, and plays it coy. THEN he points at opposing players after draining threes over them, jaws with opposing benches, shimmies at any possible opportunity, and my personal favorite, runs back on defense before the shot goes in. This is next level disrespect that no one else in the league can pull off, save for 7th gear LeBron. Basically, Steph talks his shit and backs it up as well as anyone ever has…and I’m conflicted.

I started off writing this wanting to be angry, but watching Steph Curry play basketball doesn’t allow anger….most of the time. Then he does this:

The motivation for this airing of grievances/profession of love. Last night, in a 2017 NBA Finals preview, Steph disrespected the love of my life, Jaylen Brown. At the final buzzer of the third quarter, Steph hit a dagger after beating Brown with a slight hesitation, and promptly started pointing, jawing and repeatedly flapping his hands at Brown. The only possible thing that would have made up for this offense would have been Jaylen going full T2 over Steph in traffic, putting him on a posters all over New England for the next two decades, but for now this will do. The win helps too.

The Clippers are the Warriors’ whipping boys. Sad, but true. If the California basketball teams were siblings, The Lakers are your classic oldest child. The favorite, overachieving golden child. The Warriors and Clippers split the middle child role, with the Warriors being the older of the two middle children. These two are naturally at odds with each other the most. The Warriors are threatening the oldest child’s reign as the favorite while the Clippers are on the other side of this. The inferiority complex runs deep, and they will never escape the shadow of their older siblings. They might accomplish some things, but nothing they ever do will be enough. And then we have the Kings, the temperamental youngest child with a slight heroin problem that fucks up anything nice they’re ever given. That makes this simultaneously the most wonderful and terrible thing I’ve seen the Warriors do. I never feel bad for the Clippers, but this game had me feeling sympathy for most notorious whiners (mostly Doc Rivers) in the league. I desperately want to hate them for this completely over the top celebration of a half-court shot to end the half when they’re up by 20, but MAN. The amount of fun the Warriors have while beating up on the Clippers makes me want to have that much fun while doing…well, anything.

This is the subtle taunt. Steph knows what he’s doing. He flicks his wrist, turns to the Kings bench after they attempt to get in his head, and gallops away to get back on D without a word or shimmy. While Steph might have been provoked, it doesn’t make this move any less disrespectful. Reserved cold-blooded killer Steph is my favorite Steph.

Just for fun, here’s Steph’s greatest hits. I think about this compilation a couple times a week. I told y’all, I can’t choose.

This is technically a Steph taunt. Anyway, we’ll wrap with this because…ya know… 3-1 lead.



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