If You Send A Girl A Pun. . . Then You Doom Her Into Crafting Poetic Revenge

My friend texted my some time ago that they hoped I would have a good eeveening. GAME ON. Oh my friend, little did you know you’ve inspired my competitive rage causing me to track down every stupid Pokemon joke in the world just so I could craft the a horrible response to that text and at the end I was rather humiliated with myself. Way too embarrassed to send such an awful use of breaking paragraphs to create any sort of resemblance to a poem. So I’ll just post it on the internet. No one will ever see that, right?

Dear friend,
That pun was so onix pected that I just had to mimikyu all while thinking to myself “Lyn, please don’t exxecute the idea”, but here it is.
Because from tentacruel that was utterly ghastly.
Still, it was a bit too far fetched given that you texted it in the afternoon

Although I was laughing so hard I was koffing, and then I was just Weezing so your forgiven for now

Just let it be know that since then I’ve been seaking a better pun, so can I axew a question? If I were to were to offer to tutor you in writing would you say “Yes your Ma’champ! You have all of my bayleef!” or “Don’t make a mug of things”? Well as

Why so krabby? Getting drowzee with all of these puns? I bet your thinking that “If she causes my death I’ll just have to Haunter”

So absol lutley have a happy holiday season, I for one want to see Apalm tree, but given that school is about to start I can’t go o vacation

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