Move America Somewhere Great Again 

Move America Somewhere Great Again

Monday, Donald Trump announced his new plan to move the United States. Donald Trump has repeatedly mentioned his plan to deport all undocumented Mexican immigrants from the U.S and build a wall to keep them out. His plan eventually failed because it became too expensive and difficult to implement. The border is about 1,900 miles long and covers all sorts of terrain. It was also estimated that the wall was going to cost around 12 billion dollars, but the plan was to take a few billion from the education fund because building a wall is better than teaching the history of building walls.

Many democrats and surprised conservatives commented that the costs and implications of moving the United States is absolutely absurd. However, many loyal Trump voters like his new vision and support his decision. Instead of being critical of his policy making decisions, many voters support him. Some afraid his feeling will get hurt, and afraid that he will be forced to do something even more ridiculous.

I was able to talk to some of the people who support Donald Trump. They had only positive things to say about his new “Move America Somewhere Great Again Plan.” Ima Conman, a successful business man, says that, “Donald Trump is really changing things up for America. He thinks outside the box to fix America’s problems. He’s not a politician. He’s a business man. You can’t expect him to make a rational, political decision for a politically sophisticated issue. It’s not who he is.”

Barry B. Giot, a life long right wing conservative, says, “I like Donald Trump because he gets things done. His decisions aren’t always perfect, but at least he tries unlike Hillary, who couldn’t even get elected.”

Donald Trump officially stated that he will get every country in the world to pay for the wall. He says, “I can make deals. It’s what I do. I negotiate and I get the best deals.” Many countries are, in fact, on board with paying for the movement of the United States. The consensus among most countries in the world is that the United States should preferably be moved somewhere other than this planet.

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