Marine Dream


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The golden drops of sun warmed the rock beneath my feet. The damp stone was somehow so inviting even in its lukewarm chill. When did I find myself here? I no longer remembered. Stray locks of auburn swam in the breeze, obscuring my small range of sight. Even so, I only needed to know it…that rushing sound. Even with eyes blinded in the darkness, I could hear its call, siren-like. Was it a death knoll? I didn’t seem to care. The last of steps led me to that abyss below. A waterfall rushed from deep within the cave’s embrace, pouring into an endless sea that shone the slightest. I sank into it, falling, falling. The weight of my dress drew me deeper and pulled me into its depths. I held my breath and kept eyes tightly closed. Then, the same fixation that had drawn me persuaded me to open them. I could see. I could breathe. Everything was bathed in a beautiful white and a mesmerized blue. The weight of heart seemed to sink in a second. With ease, I moved through the waters. I parted waves with the touch of hand. The farther I sank, the lighter I felt. Gathering stars that fell with a white allure, I held them gingerly. Only the sound of voice brought me away, pulled me to shore, and opened my eyes. Night after night, I returned to its embrace…the beautiful Abyss.


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