Logan – Movie Review

Logan is directed by James Mangold who previously directed The Wolverine. It stars Hugh Jackman in the title role and Patrick Stewart reprising his role and Professor X. Both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart have allegedly stated that this will be the last time they portray these roles on screen. Though the exit of these two main characters may seem bleak, the film also shows a strong newcomer in Dafne Keen as the young Laura who has very similar abilities to Wolverine and Boyd Holbrook as the villain Pierce. Logan tells the story of an aged Wolverine whose healing factor is barely working anymore and is in constant pain. Although he is clearly struggling in his excessive old age, Logan is still taking care of a deteriorating Professor X who claims to have located a new young mutant, which is extraordinary yet unlikely news since mutants were basically extinct in the year 2029 (when the film takes place). When the two discover that Professor X’s prediction was correct, and finally come across the young mutant named Laura, they decide to take her to a place called Eden so she can be safe from the mercenaries who are hunting her down.

This film was an amazing testament to how a superhero movie can transcend the genre to become something more powerful. This sheds the skin of being a superhero film and instead becomes a modern western that just happens to have a lead character that is a superhero. Fox finally allowed a Wolverine film to be rated R, which is something every fan of the comics has been waiting for, and it did not disappoint. The action in the film is directed very well and the gore is not overly excessive to where it could become comical. The action has many long takes which help gives Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine some of those amazing berserker rage moments of violence that fans have been waiting years for. It also feels real which is very important to the human story this film is telling. Hugh Jackman gives one of the greatest performances I have ever seen in a superhero movie. It is up there with Heath Ledger’s Joker. The tone is very dark helping to make the heart-wrenching emotion of the film that much more impactful.

The only issues I could see anyone having with the film is it has a slower pace than most superhero films do because of its attachment to the genre of western. It also has some moments that could be seen as cliché or predictable, but again those scenes are there to help build the aspect of being in the western genre. These were not issues to me personally but from an objective standpoint, I could understand why one might see it this way.

This film was an amazing send off for Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of the Wolverine that will be looked back on and remembered for years to come as one of the greatest superhero films of all time.

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