Hottest Male Athletes at ISU

Jenna Hoffstadt – Indy writer


A few of my colleagues at The Indy are sports focused, inspiring me to write my own sports article. However, this one has a different spin than you might be used to. My knowledge of most sports ends with a physical analysis of the athletes themselves. Being new to the sports world, I decided to start small and concentrate on local sports.


Illinois State Athletics is gaining attention from their recent appearances at national competitions in addition to making this reporter’s heart skip a beat. Seriously, we have some heartthrob athletes here at ISU. After consulting with my female peers, we compiled a list of the hottest ISU male athletes. To be fair, we chose at least one athlete from each team…which was difficult for a couple of them. With #1 being the hottest, here we go.


10) Kyle Meihofer, Golf



A fiery redhead with a serious put-face, Kyle Meihofer is a junior on the men’s golf team. Kyle is a little short for my taste but he likes to get friendly with alligators and can rock a pair of sunglasses. A guy who loves animals is always a plus.


9) Ryan Bybee, Cross Country



I’m not much for runners because they tend to be skinnier than me but Ryan Bybee has a sweet smile. Bybee is a senior Cross Country 8K runner with a personal best time of 25:54. After some research, we found out there is a dentist in Nevada with the same name, which explains the pearly whites.


8) Andreas Boers, Tennis



To be honest, I did not know we had a competitive tennis team. Six out of the nine on the roster are from different countries, including Andreas Boers. Boers is from Holte, Denmark making him a Dutch hunk. The first thing I notice from his pictures on the roster are his major calf muscles. Defined muscles are a big deal for me.


7) Demetri Alimissis, Track & Field



This senior Track & Field star will do a long jump into your heart. Demetri Alimissis has beautiful eyes and a fun-loving attitude. Seriously… did someone replace his eyeballs with diamonds? He also has the perfect amount of scruff in his headshot.


6) Jack Spicer, Baseball


Jack Spicer: This one may be a little biased because I know Jack Spicer from high school. Spicer is the definition of a clean-cut man who can pull off flannels. A tall guy with a positive attitude is all it takes to get my attention. He’s a pitcher, ladies.


5) James Graham, Football



James Graham was a walk-on from Chicago but he’ll run into your heart. He’s good with children and has a smile that will light up your world. Graham’s Twitter pictures show the 6-pack hiding under that jersey.


4) Egehan Sertkaya, Tennis




Straight outta Istanbul, Turkey, Egehan Sertkaya is a freshman on the ISU tennis team. Most of the tennis team rocks a headband but Sertkaya takes it to a whole ‘nother level. Like Barney from How I Met Your Mother, he can also rock a nice suit.


3) Nick Banyard, Basketball



Do I even have to explain this one? Tall, dark and handsome don’t even begin to describe this athlete. I like a little personality in my guys and Banyard displays his with the frosted tips. Basketball players have perfect arms and Banyard is no exception. I’d take a hug from that any day.


2) Anthony Warrum, Football



Another moment of honesty, I passed over Anthony Warrum during my first look over the football roster. After some consultation, my friend opened my heart to the senior wide receiver. Come for the All-American stats and stay for the boyish charm. Great hair, over 6 feet tall and a sweet smile… Warrum has it all.


1) Justin McCloud, Basketball



Justin McCloud is a gift from God to the ladies of ISU. The senior point guard from North Dakota is flawless. McCloud has a perfect body and lightly tousled chocolate brown hair. Whenever I catch a glimpse of #15, I’m on McCloud 9.


This list was compiled with a few of my female peers but I ultimately had the final say. If you are a male athlete at ISU and think you were mistakenly looked over, please contact me for further analysis. No, sports clubs don’t count.


Disclaimer: I apologize for any of the problems this article may cause between the athletes and their girlfriends.

9 thoughts on “Hottest Male Athletes at ISU

  1. Beth Handley Reply

    This is sexist. Roster pics aren’t valid representations of people, do you even attend sporting events?

  2. Anonymous Reply

    If you are serious about being a journalist a word of advice: stop producing crap like this.

    And no I’m not one of the “athletes girlfriends” nor am I an athlete boy. Just someone who lost brain cells due to reading this.

  3. Coach Reply

    Warrum is a douche. Actually, he’s a boat full of douches. A douche canoe, if you will.

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