Doll Maker

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Doll Maker

Blithe and young
The siren child
Of the souls
That sings her lovely tune

Enraptured by the song so dear
They twirl in twilight
Souls bound to vessel
Ball-jointed and porcelain
Fragile existence
Reborn from ash

The violin strikes again
The child that wanders all alone
From a land she once was raised
That now is merely dust
The guilt of conscience weighing down
Just what had she done?

The blessing
Or the curse
Of a tempting song
Silenced by the silver
The strange traveler once gave

Listen to her song
The siren child
A Queen among them all
The souls once buried gather round
To serve her beck and call.

One thought on “Doll Maker

  1. King Dingaling Reply

    I am a king, and I like your poem. I shall feature it upon the wall of my great hall!

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