Conservatives have it Alt-right. 

Do you love memes? Should the government get lost and leave you alone? Do you feel like the minority because of affirmative action? Do you think Donald Trump is cool? If so, the Alternative Right movement is for you.

Now, we all know American Conservatism is a broad system of political ideas in the United States that is shown by good ol’ American traditions. They support Judeo-Christian values, economic freedom, anti-communism, anti-socialisism, and being very patriotic. They love America and want to build an identity for the U.S. that represents an America that we all know and love. America evolved into a powerful country, and everyone is afraid of us. The Alt Right movement understands that reality, and wants to keep it that way. That means trying to conserve all “American values”. Bringing in immigrants will change all of that with their culture and dreams. Why should Mexicans and Muslims get to share the great culture of the United States? They should get their own immigrants and see how it feels to be wanted and admired by other countries’ citizens. Look what happened with the Native Americans. The same can happen with modern America.

Despite from what you’ve heard, the Alt-Right isn’t a new movement created by the 2016 election, it’s always been there. It’s always been the movement for America. They’ve become more active because Donald Trump says all the things they represent. Some of you may have heard the Alt-right being described as white supremacists. That is 100% true, if you’re a liberal. They’ve also been described as Neo-Nazis, Islamophobic, antifeminism, homophobic, and white nationalists. I suggest to ignore the criticism because only Jesus can judge you.

We all know conservatives are always right, so don’t question the morality of everything you do, or read a Bible. Instead, make memes and make fun of liberals. Hide behind a computer screen and troll everyone. It’s the only way to be politically engaged with someone else and not get punched in the face.

The Alt Right helped Donald Trump get elected and become president, so it’s a movement that gets things done. It’s very exclusive, so if you’re brown, black, Asian, a woman with dignity, not Christian, or American then don’t bother joining.

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