Potential Governor Visiting Normal on Monday

State Senator Daniel Biss will be at the Normal Public Library on Monday March 20th at 6:30pm for a Meet and Greet. Biss may run for governor in 2018. In January, he won the Illinois Democrats County Chairmen Association’s gubernatorial straw poll with 25 percent.

State Senator Biss serves the 9th district in the northern Chicago suburbs. From 2011 to 2013, he served in the U.S. House of Representatives for Illinois’s 17th District. He is the Chairman of the Labor Committee. He sits on the Education, and Environment and Conservation Committees.

Event organizer Austin Cullinan says that Biss represents the next generation of the Democratic Party. “It’s more important than ever that grassroots organizations prop up new, young Democrats with fresh perspectives and approaches to problem solving.”

Biss gained attention across the state through his “Road Back” plan. He spoke in Normal to College Democrats during that campaign. “The Road Back” analyzes the problems facing Illinois, and their policy solutions. He focused on corruption, the pension system, and fair wages. Biss says that Governor Bruce Rauner “wants to win the race to the bottom.” Rauner’s focus on being employer friendly cuts funding for education and undermines labor rights.

Biss desires for the Democratic Party to unify around core principles, forming a single united front to combat the Trump and Rauner agendas.

Democrats Commit to Governor’s Race

In the gubernatorial race, businessman Chris Kennedy and Chicago Alderman Ameya Pawar are seeking the Democratic nomination for governor. Kennedy, son of Robert F. Kennedy and President John F. Kennedy, provides name recognition and deep pockets to counter Rauner. Kennedy announced his candidacy first, and started campaigning last month. Pawar is a progressive Democrat with a platform focused on a “New Deal” for Illinois. He spoke at the Normal Public Library in February. Potential candidate J.B. Pritzker visited Bloomington in January and filed for a gubernatorial exploratory committee on March 14.

In the January ILDCCA straw poll, Pawar finished second (12%) to Biss (25%), Kennedy finished third (12%), and Pritzker finished fifth (10%). Congresswoman Cheri Bustos finished fourth with 11%, but announced she would not seek the governorship.


Photo courtesy of Jeff Knox and The Daily Herald.

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