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100 Black Women and Men Unified Monday October 24,2016

“Why were there a whole bunch of black people dressed up in the quad today, and why were they taking pictures?”

Many people on Yik Yak questioned why there were so many black people lined up and taking photos last Monday on the Illinois State University Quad, here’s the reason; they were unifying. This event was organized by Jason Hale and Tramel Westbrook both, who are students at Illinois State. They felt this event was very important for many reasons.

“As a young black men living in America in 2016 we are perceived by the media as angry, aggressive and dangerous people at worst, “hood” or “thug. The way the media portrays us is that we’re thugs We don’t know how to dress, we don’t have anything…..” – Jason Hale

The perception of African Americans has always been very negative, this event was driven to push and allow for people to view African Americans in a positive way and see that we are more than what the media portrays us as. Many blacks have experienced prejudices, injustices and racism because some whites have been taught to believe that blacks are inferior and uneducated. Jason and Tramel wanted to show people that black men and women have worth and are just as eloquent and sophisticated as their white counterparts.

This event was also driven to impact Illinois State University and help black students come together and constantly think about why their pursing an education and why its important to take advantage of the opportunity that they have been presented with. The goal of this event was to unite 100 black men and women, the final turnout was around 45 to 50 people. Although the numbers didn’t hit the initial goal that Hale and Westbrook wanted they were both very encouraged by the event and felt it had an impact on those who were involved.

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