A Real Life Horror Movie?

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Madeline Rickard- Indy Staff Writer

With Halloween being on a Monday, school and scary collide. Sure the classes have us learn about various serial killers (psychology and history) and frightening numbers that is our debt (all of them), but what about the supernatural in general? If I was lost in a world full of ghost, demons, vampires, and zombies would life be that much different than it is now? Probably not as society eventually adapts to the new normal and basic survival skills remain the same. Once upon a time us humans were always at constant risk of being eaten or killed by real life monsters like bears, tigers, and snakes. Some people still are, but with the power of technology we can use phones to contact animal control and order bear mace off of the internet. Zombies may cause a panic, but after some time to adjust to the change and settle in a less risky environment I’m sure the government would form some kind of service like zombie exterminators which would become as common and honored like firemen. After time most crazes eithe become something we can learn to deal with or just fade away with time (although this clown thing is starting to escalate). Everyone just needs to keep calm and apply logic to potentially disastrous situations.
So treat life as if you were in a horror movie! At least that’s what I tell myself every once in a while to use fear as a motivation to make good choices. This made me think though, in such a situation what should I do? I pretty much prepare for the worst case scenarios on a daily basis (always memorize the fire escapes!), but that probably doesn’t apply if the supernatural forces decided to star in my life. I would probably die first. Let’s be real here, I’d most likely be the skeptic ‘mom friend’ that assumes the supernatural phenomenon is the work of sadistic serial killer humans, and then get proven wrong as my body is discovered with all blood drained and fang marks pierced in my skin. This leads to a mystery for you, the main character to solve only for it to be revealed that the mastermind was really . . . Perhaps I got a bit ahead of myself here.
Still at the end of the day for some of us it’s horror movies that that serve as motivation to make good choices in the real world. Take for example locking your dorm room. One night you are sleeping without the lock done, and then a murder comes in and stabs you! Or perhaps just tiptoes into your closet listening to your steady breathing, wanting the excitement of finding you awake and off guard for the knife. Or take for example something more realistic. A person notices that you didn’t lock the dorm on your way to the bathroom and decides to takes your things. It happens. Another common fear that should be in everyone’s mind is the recklessness of our drunk/high peers. Leave your room for one minute and you’ll return to find vomit on the carpet, somebody sleeping in a bed they thought was theirs, or a mess all over your nice chair somebody mistook for a toilet. It happens. So lock your doors people, or else the horror movies will come to live and a vampire will kill me. Coming here, use common sense, you don’t want my ghost haunting you in the sequel, right?

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