Corey’s Photo Corner #2

Photo Credit of Corey Allen
Photo Credit of Corey Allen
Corey Allen- Photo Editor

I work at JCPenney on the weekends to make extra money around my hectic student-athlete schedule. My ideal part time college job would be doing photo shoots, since I do not have a car I cannot commit to that dream so in the mean time I have to stick with folding clothes for grocery money. Sometimes, elderly customers come in looking for specific items that we don’t hold in store anymore. I have to search in our online inventory and attempt to find the item the customer is wanting. This is a normal occurrence for me given that I work in a popular retail store that has changed what we carry over the years. For the past two Saturdays I have ordered items online for customers and they both were extremely grateful because it takes a lot of time to order items for someone in the middle of a Saturday retail rush. On both occasions both of these men seemed very comfortable with me, each time after I finished the transaction they both were so grateful that they held up the line, shook my hand, and decided to tell me their story about how they nearly passed away recently. Both times that this happened I was extremely confused, because who mentions that they nearly died to someone they just met? This made me wonder why so many people in my life have been so open with telling me their struggles. A few weeks ago I walked Constitution Trail and I took a photo of a tiny flower, it reminded me of myself, small yet I can have a big impact on peoples lives simply by being there for them. It made me realize that my purpose is not just to live and help myself, its to help others and listen to other struggles. If we all took the time take care of one another the world wouldn’t have half of the issues, we face today.

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