Vice News Sues Trump, FBI

Baylee Steelman- Indy President
Vice News, the millennial outlet for off-beat and under-discussed journalism, will sue the IRS for Donald Trump’s audits on his tax returns stretching from 2002-2008. Vice reports that IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said it is rare for someone to be audited multiple years in a row. The presidential candidate says he would “love” to release his tax returns, but claims the audits restrict him from releasing the information. Koskinen says there is nothing legally forbidding Trump from making his taxes public, which is routine when being a presidential nominee.

Additionally, Vice will sue the FBI for any an all documents discussing Trump’s implication he made for supporters of the second amendment to assassinate Hillary Clinton. This followed Trump speaking over whether Clinton would be allowed to choose the next Supreme Court Justices, saying, “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people — maybe there is, I don’t know.” Vice is also asking for information from the FBI against Trump concerning his call on Russia to track down “30,000 emails [from Clinton’s server] that are missing.”

Major news outlets have not reported on Vice’s decision. Why would networks not report on an organization diving into this campaign full force for investigative purposes that benefits Americans? Is there just so much news every day that this was overlooked? Vice’s place in the media bursts with stories and ideas you cannot typically find anywhere else, going against the norm in society to quench the thirst for information in humans across the globe. Vice draws the attention of young people, igniting their interest in news/current issues with hopes they will delve deeper into what happens in our world on a daily basis. The decision for Vice to do this gives the typical American hope that journalism works for the people to inform them on important topics.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, (FOIA) Vice will work to pry the information from Trump’s tiny orange hands.

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