Swiping Through Tinder

Jenna Hofstaat – Indy Writer


Tinder is a great way for young men and women to hunt for a mate. Download the app, upload some pics, swipe some swipes and you’re golden. There are many characters on the app to search through for your Tinder prince or Tinderella. It is a sad realization that most of these people are looking for a temporary fix to a long term problem – the search for love.


It all begins with a picture. We have certain physical attributes we prefer on a person and that’s ok. It only takes a second to decide if that other person is physically attractive to you. If it’s a maybe in that first second, I look through the other pictures. Sweet smiles, kind eyes, big muscles.


Then you read the profile. Nothing? Swipe left. Dad jokes? Swipe right. 420 Blaze it? Swipe left. Loves animals? Swipe right. Funny how something as simple as a bio can determine so much. Did I swipe my future husband left because he failed to provide a bio in his online dating app?


Here comes the swipe. I’ve made the decision that this guy is physically attractive and seems compatible based on his profile. I hover over the “like” button and the anxiety builds. Is it going to be a match? I hit the button and we matched. What a relief.


Waiting for the message. I don’t message first so I wait for a “hello”. We’ll talk for a few days, maybe exchange numbers or add each other on Snapchat. They’ll stop talking to me when they find out I don’t “hook up” because they were looking for a booty call when I was looking for someone to call.


I’m looking for something real on an app where no one wants a serious commitment. Why do I continue to use it? It’s addicting. Every match is a new adventure. The idea of someone finding me attractive is a confidence boost.


In the end, I’m still alone in my bed at night with the light of my phone illuminating my room. Tinder occupies a lonely heart temporarily when there is something bigger to be found. Love doesn’t come to you as a simple swipe right.

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