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Mason Weis – Indy Writer


Do you like crepes? Are you a geek? If you answered yes to both, one of, or neither of these questions, then odds are almost 100% likely that you’ll LOVE this article! You see dear readers, I decided to pay Crepe Geeks a visit recently to try out a place I had heard so much about.


Okay, so let’s talk about something completely unrelated here for a minute. The weather’s been pretty terrible, right? Like woah… remember when it was warm in December? What happened? February weather kind of sucks. I promise this isn’t small talk here, you’ll see why I’m bringing this up in a bit.

One of the friendly employees at Crepe Geeks
A look at the interior of Crepe Geeks, as well as one of the friendly employees working there

Okay you’re actually going to see why I brought this up now… On my long and arduous journey to Crepe Geeks I had to trek through the dismal February cold and it was awful. To put things into perspective, my glasses immediately fogged up when I stepped into the restaurant because of the sheer difference in temperature. Taking them off, I looked around and saw that I was standing in a small kitchen-like establishment with harsh overhead lights, crepe making essentials in full view, and most of all glorious heat that was cranked almost too high.


Crepe Geeks isn’t your normal restaurant, dear readers. It’s an in-and-out kind of place. Not like the burger place though, Crepe Geeks sells crepes. What I mean is… there aren’t tables inside, and there isn’t really anywhere to sit. I mean, the restaurant itself is nestled in the back of the Domino’s Pizza by Watterson, so what would you expect? Here’s all there is to Crepe Geeks: you go in, you get your food and you leave. That’s it. It’s a different kind of dining experience compared to the places I normally visit for Mason’s Munchies, so keep that in mind for the rest of the review, my incredibly dear readers/fans.


The young woman working there was both attentive and laid back. She was able to fill my order quickly, whilst still making jokes and offering light conversation. In my opinion, she did her job excellently, especially given the atmosphere of the place in general.


So how was the food? Well, this is where things get a bit complicated…


As I said earlier, Crepe Geeks is an in-and-out sort of place. And February weather is brutally cold. This means I had to walk back in the frigid weather with my food. When I got back, my food was as cold as the February weather which was a bit of a bummer. Additionally, I felt like the crepe I got wasn’t enough for one serving. I could’ve had two crepes and probably still felt hungry.


My crepe after I brought it home (and took a few bites into it, sorry dear readers)
My crepe after I brought it home (and took a few bites into it, sorry dear readers)

The food itself was pretty good though. I ordered a savory crepe stuffed with ham, cheese and tomato. The crepe was light, fluffy and fairly tasty despite being cold. The stuff inside was actually the hardest part for me to get past. The flavors were there, but they were definitely muted because they didn’t seem fresh to me. If the food was still hot, I’d definitely sound more enthusiastic. Really though, it was only alright by my standards. To be honest, it feels difficult to completely judge the food because of the circumstances surrounding the style of the restaurant. However, one thing is for sure, I was a little disappointed coming away from the experience.


Crepe Geeks has come a long way since it opened as a family-run business last year. It’s managed to stay open and hire new people despite operating out of the back of a Domino’s, which in and of itself is impressive. The restaurant has great potential. The food is pretty good, the staff is welcoming and passionate and the prices are cheap. Really, it’s only being held back by the lack of seating, in my opinion.



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