Man Sets New PR’s in the Gym Today

Sean Tippey – Indy Writer


NORMAL,IL- Today Max Rupple set a few new PR’s (personal records) in his visit to the gym today. Max reportedly stared at himself in the mirror for an astonishing 10 straight minutes while contemplating life and whether or not his 225 lb. squat makes him look like enough of a hard-ass. Joey Richmond, his trainer, had this to say:


“I was quite impressed with Max’s dedication today. 10 straight minutes of staring into your own eyes is nothing to scoff at. You look around at other people in the gym and they’re just doing little glances at themselves in the mirrors, but not Max. That kid is dedicated.”


Max also reportedly took only 2 selfies today in the locker room after his workout. That was below his daily gym average of 3.2 per visit. This down trend in selfies shouldn’t be an issue though because tomorrow is chest day.

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