Beating Seasonal Depression

Baylee Steelman – Indy Vice President


A sorrowful state tends to hit people after they’ve celebrated the Holidays, the New Year and have pretty much nothing to look forward to. Why does this happen every year? How can it be avoided?


Known as Seasonal Depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder (which conveniently has the acronym S.A.D) begins when the weather is cold, the sun is hiding behind clouds and the bitter wind hits your face when you’re walking to your car. So basically, the mood matches the weather. One in four people experience Seasonal Depression and it usually ends when spring begins.


In the wintertime our bodies lack serotonin from sunlight. Instead we produce more melatonin since the days are shortened and our internal clock is knocked out of sorts.


If you have mild Seasonal Depression, here are some things you can do to cheer up!




It sounds like a terrible idea in the moment but I promise getting yourself ready and to the gym is the hardest part. Exercising is stress-relieving and you can buy cute workout clothes to motivate yourself even more.


Drop everything and buy a plane ticket to Hawaii.




This is not the most realistic approach but it would definitely help. Soak up some sunshine to last you through the rest of the winter when you return home.


See someone.


Severe depression is very serious and should be treated. Do not hesitate in talking with someone or looking into medication if the Seasonal Depression becomes annual.


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photo taken by Baylee Steelman


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