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Well folks, it’s that time of year again. School’s back in session and I’ve finally come out of my food coma. You know… the one that basically started right as I put the first piece of Thanksgiving turkey in my mouth and didn’t end until my 12:35 English class this Tuesday?


Sometime during this dazed period of constant eating, refusing to exercise, and eating to cover up the sadness of not exercising that other people seem to call “winter break,” I took a trip to Chicago. While in the big city, I got to do a lot of cool things, but what was most important was that I got to eat a lot of great food. One place that really stuck with me, however, was this small place outside of the city in Schaumburg, IL called Kuma’s Corner.


One of the many burgers at Kuma's Corner. from:
One of the many burgers at Kuma’s Corner. via

Walking into Kuma’s with literally no expectations at all I was first greeted by the sheer noise that is Metallica’s 1991 romp “Sad but True” blasting over the sound system in the restaurant. It took me about 20 seconds to realize that Kuma’s Corner has clearly worked very hard to establish the vibe that you’re eating in the middle of a heavy metal concert sans the mosh pits and BO. The lights were dim, semi-satanic imagery covered the walls, everything on the menu was named after a metal band and the music was so loud I could barely think. While I appreciated the dedication the people at Kuma’s put into ensuring the diner had a “heavy experience”, it bordered on being too much at times. Simply put, the atmosphere was probably exactly the way the owners intended for it to be, but if you want to talk to the people you’re eating with, you might want to try somewhere else.


The hostess at the front of the restaurant was a bit snippy with my party when we told them we didn’t have everyone with us. Kuma’s Corner has a policy against seating partial parties, and while I know she was simply doing her job, she gave us a bit too much of a “heavy metal attitude” for my tastes. On the flip side, our waitress was another story altogether. She was incredibly attentive and even cracked a few jokes with us while we were ordering. She completely made up for the rude first impression I had with the Kuma’s Corner staff and then some.


The Iron Maiden
The Iron Maiden via

Now for the main course (hah, get it? I hope you get it). The food. Good Lord, the food… I ordered the Iron Maiden, a burger topped with chipotle mayo, cherry peppers, pepperjack cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato and onion. I can’t stress this enough to you dear readers… I literally still think about this burger even though I ate it over a month ago. Sometimes I find myself daydreaming of it. It was essentially perfection. The meat was done just right, the toppings had great synergy and it was all served to me on a pretzel bun. The fries were also incredible. They were crispy, yet soft and seasoned to near perfection. As a huge fan of burgers, (and all food, to be honest) the food here was exactly what I could’ve asked for.


In my book, Kuma’s Corner is a must-stop kind of place if you’re ever in that area. The food alone makes it well worth the over-the-top atmosphere and pricey value of the dinner. Just do yourself a favor and go, okay?



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