Zachary Seda – Indy Writer


There was no wind that carried the smell of hotdogs and soda. There was no vibration to feel like the beat of a drum. No movement at all. Just complete and utter silence. Normally I would find this peaceful. Just relax on a beach with no one around. Sip a beer and watch the waves roll in. It irritated me being around people all day, five days a week. Sometimes even the weekends, if I was asked to. It was good money though. Oh, who am I kidding, it barely paid the bills. I hate what I do but I’m damn good at it, I’ll say that much. That wasn’t saying much though. Pathetic.


Complete silence. No wind. No movement. Nothing. What do I do? I’ve learned how to handle this situation…I just feel a little uneasy, that’s all. Experiencing is different than just learning. After a minute it clicked though, after that initial shock. I got down on my hands and knees, focused on my task at hand, and blew the wind back into the pipe that was absent of it. Without pause I pushed down on the drum and sparked the life back into the child. People applauded and I bowed as the child spat out water. Victory only lasted so long though, and everyone went back to their own lives, soaking up the sun, leaving me to walk back to the Lifeguard station counting down the time until I was finally off work.

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