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Grant Kwiecinski is an American DJ and electronic producer from Michigan.  Kwiecinski is also by his stage name GRiZ.  GRiZ is famous for playing his saxophone and producing funk, electro-soul and self-described future-funk.  This talented twenty-five year old was first introduced to the alto sax as well as the piano in elementary school.  Growing up playing instruments, GRiZ found himself moving towards making his own music in college.  He attended Michigan State University for several years, but dropped out to put all of his attention towards his music career.  While attending MSU, he would frequently DJ parties at his friends’ fraternity houses and play shows in East Lansing area.


GRiZ became popular with the release of his first free debut album, End of the World Party, in 2011.  With this leading release, he supported bigger artists such as Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Gramatik and Big Gigantic on their respective tours.   This ultimately lead to his own headlining tour, which led to the success of releasing three more albums, Mad Liberation in 2012, Rebel Era in 2013 and Say It Loud 2015.


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After the success of the albums, GRiZ created the All Good Records label to promote his music, along with electro contemporaries The Floozies, The Geek x VRV and Manic Focus.  This record label is one that “reps old school Motown soul, future funk, new disco, cutting edge electronica and anything on the forefront of new sound.


GRiZ travels across the United States and Canada playing at festivals such as Electric Zoo, Electric Forest, Hard Los Angeles, TomorrowWorld, North Coast Festival, Decadence, Snowball, Lollapalooza and Shambhala.  He also collaborated with many fellow DJ’s including Gramatik, ExMag, Big Gigantic and many many more.


There is a thing called, ‘The GRiZFam, which started out as a way to gather all of his fans to meet one another and talk about music.  These groups of fans connect with one another through the music, pictures and other associated art.  There is also people that call themselves ‘Liberators,’ which are the essential street team for GriZ.  They help raise awareness for shows, spread the music around to people who may not know GRiZ, as well as help with charitable organizations.


GRiZ is personally one of my favorite artists.  Yes…he is an “EDM artist,” but if you just listen to the music he creates, you would be surprised.  GRiZ is a talented young artist that is up and coming and to look out for.  If you love the funk, you will love GRiZ.


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