My Journals 13-15

Zachary Seda – Indy Writer

My Journal #13 – 08/08/2215 – 8:23PM


Its Jason again. I lost this recorder when Sarah and I got ambushed. I just found it here in the hospital. I figured this was where I would find Sarah since she was always talking about going there for medical aid.


I didn’t find her right away though. Just saw the recorder on the ground. She isn’t too far away because it seems the alien creatures have built a base in the hospital and Sarah basically walked into a death trap. She is safe now but it wasn’t easy trying to get her out of that.


I wasn’t alone, I did find some help to get into there. Alexander, or Alex for short, is a military man who got separated from his team during an attack from the aliens. He believes he is the only one who survived but also hopes he is wrong. I found him in one of the backyards of a house killing a creature. He nearly killed me as well for my abrupt entry.


He agreed to help me find Sarah, but only after I put up a fight. He wanted me to follow him as he was going to a military base that was set up not too far away from town. I had said I would after we got Sarah back. He knew that the hospital was a death trap but I didn’t care, I was determined to get her back. He eventually followed me, saying I would die without him. I was just happy he came along.


We made it to the hospital in no time and traveled through it for a while, finding the recorder near the entrance. Once we found our way to the basement… that was where we saw a ton of creatures either wandering around or what looked to be asleep. There was also a sight I saw that I had hoped to never see. There were human bodies everywhere all wrapped up like cocoons along the floor. It looked like what spiders do to their prey. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to them but I didn’t really think about it because my mind was set on finding Sarah.


We managed to make it to where she was – she too was wrapped up in a cocoon but still breathing underneath the nasty substance. I ripped it off of her and picked her up. The noise alerted nearby aliens and they came searching. Alex told me to stay perfectly still and hold my breath once they neared us. It was terrifying, one creature came up so close to me I was sure I was going to die. It was all black, skinny, slimy, and had the worst breath ever. The holes they have for eyes were the creepiest part because it felt as though it was looking at me, but not at me, more like, looking into me, past my eyes, into my soul. Bone chilling shivers constantly happened, that’s for sure.


The creatures finally walked away and left the area. Alex and I carried Sarah out of the hospital and back to a nearby neighborhood to find shelter.


Since then we have been on the road, walking quickly away from my town. We haven’t been attacked yet but it is a huge risk everyday as we enter new towns and hide in other people’s houses. Sarah is fine now, better now that we are away from her captors, but still scared about others who are waiting around the corner.


My Journal #14 – 08/09/2215 – 4:31PM 



Another quiet and hot day. The sun is beating down on us and there have been no creatures in sight. I know it couldn’t have just been our town that holds these things. We can’t be the most unlucky town right?


All these houses in this town are empty too, or at least the ones we have entered, so it must mean there were attacks here. Or I guess it could also mean everyone just fled before it spread to their town.


Alex says we are so close to the outpost that it should just be another couple hours of walking. I’m glad to hear that because my feet are killing me and we just ran out of food. At least we won’t starve for too long.


My Journal #15 – 08/09/2215 – 9:50PM



Everything is fine, but everyone is gone.


We arrived at the outpost and at first everything seemed fine. Once we got nearer we realized something was definitely off. Alex ran up, gun out, and looked around the outpost. There was absolutely no one in sight, no one to ask what happened, no notes or recorders of what happened, nothing. We checked the camera footage, but that was destroyed.


Being here at the outpost now gives off this creepy feeling, like the ghosts of the fallen soldiers still linger here. I just hope we can leave soon, my mind is playing tricks on me. I keep thinking I am seeing things and hearing screams when there is no one here but Alex, Sarah, and I.


At least Sarah and I are getting along well. She is a really nice girl. I keep thinking about what she had said in her recordings on this device. I do care about her as well and would never want to lose her. I don’t think I could handle that, nor would my sanity. The feeling of doing all this alone is an overwhelming thought. Would it be worth it to continue surviving if you are alone, with no hope?


I would like to think so. I would hope so. I also hope I never find out.


Alex says he has made contact with a military base about a few days drive away from here. We are going to fuel up one of these military jeeps here and head out tomorrow morning. Better not travel too much at night, it feels like that is an element the creatures use to their advantage, since they have no eyes already.

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