Adele says hello to the other dark side of the music industry

Baylee Steelman

Indy Vice-President


It seems another Grammy-winning, Billboard chart-topping, extremely wealthy pop artist does not want to share their newest album with Spotify.


Adele is set to release her third album 25 worldwide November 20. This is her first album since the January 2011 release of 21 which brought her six Grammy wins. The artist and her team are asking Spotify to limit access to her new album to users with a Spotify Premium subscription. Approximately 20 million of the 75 million users would be able to listen to 25.


Is it fair for these musicians with an unfathomable amount of money in their pockets to charge the average middle to lower middle class American to have the simplest life pleasure of listening to music?


Taylor Swift has kept 1989 from being available to Spotify users since its release in 2014. In turn, 1989 was the only album in 2014 to go platinum.


That is great and all for Taylor Swift. Having an album go platinum is indeed an accomplishment. But do you know how much money she made just touring the album? How many stadiums she sold out around the world? The amount of overpriced tour shirts her fans are wearing? In 2015 alone she had an income of 80 million dollars.


I just cannot wrap my head around why these big-named artists are so immersed in their need for more and more money. Just imagine how much money Adele is going to make touring this album. It will be more money than you and I will make in our lifetime combined (most likely. If you make it in the big-time I applaud you). These men and women begin their career as a musician selling their soul to play in a coffee shop or VFW building for their closest friends. They are excited to share their music with fans. But throw a Grammy or two at a mainstream artist and they think you should have special access to their music, like you have to meet a qualification to listen to music.


Why should 25 only be available to a certain group of people? Artists like Adele and Taylor Swift are not thinking about the ultimate goal of their music—spreading joy, inspiration, helpfulness and happiness to listeners. They are glamourizing the overall listening experience exclusively to the cool kid that has the extra $9.99 per month lying around for Spotify Premium.


Overall, I am surprised by this move from Adele. I thought she was more humble than this.

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