Why I Love My Little Sister

Jenna Hoffstadt- Indy Writer


To preface this story, I have three sisters. Jessica is the oldest, then Jackie, me, and Jillian.


I was six years old when I found out my mom was pregnant. There was a whirlwind of emotions as my title of “baby of the family” was about to be ripped away from me. I knew I’d no longer be the center of everyone’s oh’s and ah’s as my baby sister came into the world.


For the first couple of years, I was sour about being three out of four girls. Jessica and Jillian got all of the attention while Jackie and I just kinda went along for the ride. I did what any middle child would do in this situation; try to steal the spotlight as much as possible.


Concerts, show choir, art shows, musicals. I did it all so I could get some attention from my family. It worked for some time until my little sister started dancing. Once she put on that mint green tutu and pranced around like a character from Yo Gabba Gabba, it was all over.


That’s when I fell in love with my little sister and decided to be her biggest fan and support system for the rest of my life. This innocent, bright-eyed child was born into my family to teach me humility. My life was not meant to be one big spotlight. I had to share my love and attention with my baby sister.


When the blonde-curl cutie had a dance recital, I was there. When Jillian tried cheerleading for a year, I was there. When she started playing pee-wee softball, I was there. Every time we added a candle to her cake, I was there. My little sister consumed my life.


I have always stayed strong around her, even when our parents were going through a divorce. I was thirteen and she was seven. We shared a room so I would close the door and go to her bed and hug her. I never knew if she was awake and could hear me but I would whisper in her ear that things were going to be ok and it was ok to cry. It’s never easy to go through a divorce but my sisters and I built a support system for our baby sister.


I love my little sister because she makes me strive to be a better person. We are always told to lead by example.  When I was in high school, I dated a guy who respected me and treated me like a princess. I didn’t know at the time, but Jillian told my mom she hoped to have relationships like me. I’m glad I was able to set a standard in my little sister’s mind of how a guy should treat a girl. Of course to me, no guy will ever be good enough for her.


I love my little sister because she makes me second-guess questionable actions. When I am making a decision, I think of how it will impact my relationship with my family. If I do this, will Jillian be disappointed? Would I be ok with Jillian doing this?


I love my little because she taught me to love people other than myself. Going from the stubborn six year old to a mature twenty year old has been quite the experience and I owe most of it to my baby sister. If it wasn’t for Jillian, eventually someone would come along and take my spotlight. Thanks to her, I learned how to share the spotlight and give others a chance to shine. I learned how to love myself through loving others and for that, I love my little sister to no end.

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