Top 10 Songs for Walking to Class

Jill Taylor – Indy Co-President


Okay, it’s November, and there’s only about a week of actual classes left until finals, so let’s get in that test-taking spirit, alright? We’re almost done! The best way to do this, I’ve found, is to get pumped by a beautifully handcrafted playlist for my walk to campus. Here are ten songs I’ve picked to help you get your own playlist started – they’re a mix of pump up music to get your blood moving and just upbeat songs that will distract you from the terrors of final grades. Let’s get it going!

Image retrieved from Landlady's Bandcamp page
Image retrieved from Landlady’s Bandcamp page

Above My Ground by Landlady

This song is one of those that gets more intense and awesome as it goes on, and it’s one of the best walking to class songs for me. It’s one of those you can listen to on repeat and not get tired of. Really old-school rocky meets new age indie. I’m into it. Plus, the lead singers voice is like, incredible.


I Love You So by The Walters

Surprisingly upbeat for a breakup song, which is a really cool contrast. I like listening to this song while studying or getting ready in the morning. It’s a good wake up song despite it being so damn sad. The morning of an intense final, listen to this and you might perk up just a little bit. Could be cool, I don’t know.


Pass The Vibes by Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment

This song is so weird and I love it so much. It’s off of Chance the Rapper’s project “Surf” and it’s a really cool side of his creativity. I’m very very into it, although it’s pretty experimental so watch out. It’s a good song to listen to when you’re feeling like not thinking about your future and your GPA and how these finals will determine how much money you make and oh my god someone stop me.


Chinatown by Girlpool

You into hairy girls with frayed hair who can play guitar and harmonize? Are you also into feeling really melancholy and maybe a little interested in old school country music? Well, here ya go. This song is sad as shit, I’ll be real. But sometimes I need to calm the h e double hockey sticks down because I’m freaking the h e double hockey sticks out. This should help.


Low Key by Tweedy

This song is every quiet kids anthem. Really cool vocals and a low key (haha) guitar sound makes this a really cool tune for just hanging out, or taking a long stroll down constitution trail as a break from your hectic finals studying schedule.


Green by Diane Coffee

This song is a strange one and definitely brings back old soulful music tropes. The main vocals are heavily edited in contrast to the background support vocals which creates sort of an old-school vibe I’m really into. Get into it. Get emotional. Leave it all out there.


Badillac by Together Pangea

Image retrieved from
Image retrieved from

So punky. So down to earth. So catchy. Three components of a fantastic walking song when you’re not really interested in going where you’re going but you have to go anyway. Go ahead, play the air guitar on your way, it’s worth it.


Pretty Pimpin by Kurt Vile

You know those animations when people have really long legs and they’re just walking down the street to some really cool beat and everything around them is crazy and awesome and the guy looks super cool? Well set all of that to this song and it works.


Post Acid by Wavves
Hey. LET’S JUMP AROUND! Fuck ~eVeRyThInG~ we are PUNKS! This song is incredible if you want to get really jumpy and aggressive and you need to get some energy before that next test. Shit’s cash.


tame impala
Image from

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards by Tame Impala

Okay, I know, it’s a little old. But shut up? Lonerism is one of the greatest albums ever made and you can quote me on that, actually I hope you do. This song is incredible for walking anywhere, the world around you will turn into this ethereal emotion palace carved specifically for your brain that day. Is my boner showing?

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  1. Jorge Nielson Reply

    I’m sorry, you don’t include the seminal “Like a Martian” by the indie sensation Brandon McCartney and you expect me to take you seriously?

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