My Journals 7 – 9

Zachary Seda – Indy Writer

My Journal #7 – 07/24/2215 – 5:09PM

I found food in the house I can have. I’m just bringing anything that doesn’t have a short expiration date, and hopefully doesn’t require heat. I don’t know what will happen and I don’t want to rely on something that may backfire later.

So far no other survivors in the immediate area. None that I saw while I was scouting. I’ll have to admit, I’m scared, and I usually don’t show emotions like that. I’m more of the quite type. This situation we are in, it’s just too much already to handle. I’m so scared that the things will come out of the ground and snatch me. I don’t know how many there are either. I hope that I find someone soon, I don’t know if I can do this alone.

I didn’t find the soldier guy either. I hope he is still around here, I would prefer a soldier next to me, even though they always seem to die first in movies.

I’m not exactly in the same area as yesterday. Same neighborhood, a couple blocks over in a new house. Felt like it would be better for me to switch it up once in a while to keep myself off the alien radar.

Some good news however, while I was walking I took a gun off an officer. I guess that sounds pretty bad, but I feel current situations have changed what is right and wrong here. He won’t be needing it anyways. I sound like a psycho don’t I. Let this journal entry mark my fall into insanity.

I didn’t go into the police station yet, it is much farther away, near the town center. Plus I feel like it is either picked clean, or a graveyard of everyone who tried to get in there to defend themselves. I don’t want to see what more populated areas will look like.

I’ll leave this journal as is, will write more when I have anything new.

My Journal #8 – 07/26/2215 – 7:48PM

Had a run in with the aliens. They saw me when I was outside. I had been searching for more survivors and they just came out of no wear. I ran to the nearest house and broke through the window while they ran after me. I lucked out. Inside the house was four other survivors and one of them had a gun. He shot the two alien pursuers. One fled and the other I assumed died since it is just lying on the front lawn unmoving.

The group consists of Tom, a mechanic, David, a college student back from college for the weekend and studying medicine, Nick, a bus driver, and Sarah. She is in my high school although I never talked to her before. She is in my grade as well, but our school is big so I guess I just never saw her.

I think I will stay with them for a while. I feel like after this attack we should move, I don’t want those aliens coming back in greater numbers.

My Journal #9 – 07/27/2215 – 6:38AM

We got ambushed, I knew we would.

They said, “No we will be okay in the next house over as long as we are quiet”. I said the aliens are smart and will find out easily. I should have left them but I wanted the idea of protection and more eyes. I was hoping for better brains.

The aliens came and attacked us. They killed David right away. It was so sad, he was going to help so many people out there. He was telling me how he couldn’t wait to help others. Now he is gone.

Tom was next. As we ran out of the house an alien came out from a window and smashed right into him, also killing him right away.

Nick, Sarah, and I made it away while the aliens were occupied but they soon found us and took Nick away. Just lunged at him and dragged him around a house.

Some unknown bravery came into me at that moment. I took out my pistol and shot back at the other alien who still was following us. I missed most shots but management to injure it. It jumped into another window of a different house and we never saw it again, at least for now. It gave Sarah and I time to escape and hide.

We are now closer to the town central and all I can hear throughout the night was gunfire and screams. We are in the worst of places to be and I fear what is to come next.

Yet if we were to continue to follow the gunshots we may find help. Or it could be our death. I don’t know what to do and Sarah is too scared to think. We have to do something though, something soon.

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