My Journal 4 – 6

Zachary Seda – Indy Writer


My Journal #4 – 07/21/2215 – 10:03PM

I think I’m safe. I’m not sure. I have no idea what is going on.

I know I’m in someone else’s house, I don’t know who’s though.

They are here. The things. I saw them. They saw me. I know they saw me. I don’t know how I got away.

I don’t know what to do either but I can’t stay here, they’ll find me in this house. I can hear them outside, their screeching is hurting my ears.

They are inside. I got to hide.


My Journal #5 – 07/22/2215 – 9:57PM

Okay so these things, let’s call them aliens, I mean they came from space after all.

Anyways they are a sight to see. They are these dark black looking creatures that resemble a human form but look like they haven’t eaten in years. They have no eyes, however they have eye sockets though, like their eyes were taken away somehow. They can hear really well, hint why I don’t use the microphone anymore. I saw someone walking outside and he hit a rock or something on the ground. He was gone in a flash by the dark figure whose back was turned 15 feet away.

They try to claw at you. Or take you, I don’t know the criteria. I’ve seen people grabbed and pulled away into holes or other dark places. What amazes me is that they already are making tunnel networks and they haven’t even been here for more than a few days. If you forget about the hostility in them, it’s almost fascinating to think about how they do it.

I’ve also seen some people simply attacked right on sight and clawed open. That was it. Then they are left there dead. I’d rather not find out what fate I get.

I hear them again…

My Journal #6 – 07/23/2215 – 2:00AM

Okay, they are gone now. They came into the house I’m in. I hid in a closet. I’m surprised they didn’t check it. I feel like I’m in some horror movie, I just hope I don’t do something stupid that I would yell at the actor not to do.

I can’t tell what their motives are, but I do know they are picking us out, categorizing us. Who dies and who lives to be taken into a dark area.

I need to move. I need to gather food and water, find survivors, and then figure out how to survive. As I was hiding I remembered that there was that soldier guy who left suddenly. If my gut is correct, I feel like he knew something about this. Maybe he is still around the area, I’ll look for him as well. Probably try to find a good weapon while I’m at it.

I’ll try to sleep now, need some strength for tomorrow. Hopefully I don’t make noise while I sleep. I’ll see what I can do in the morning. I’ve been too scared to move from this house but I haven’t seen any of the creatures during the day. Maybe I’ll be okay then.

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