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My Journal #1 – 07/18/2215

My name is Jason Brink. I am a student at Franfort High School. It’s 2215. I’m not sure exactly what to write in a journal but I figure I will start with my name and such. My parents just got me this new journal logging tablet. I always wanted to be a writer, writing cool science fictional stories. They must think journaling is the same thing. To make them feel good about their choice in presents I decided to use it, who knows, maybe this will spark some ideas. What I really wanted was Writer’s Life 5, the newest writing tablet out there with a virtual assistant, and even holograms of my writing. Unfortunately it is very expensive whereas this tablet is not. It’s not so bad, I’m sure I can get it one day. Then again there will probably be an even cooler one by then for a price I won’t be able to afford and I’ll be stuck with boring old Writer’s Life 5.

Anyways, not much to talk about. My life is pretty average and by average I mean boring. I live in a small town called Franfort. It holds about ten thousand people. Our town has a few stores, one movie theater that never plays any new movies, and a fountain if that counts. Not every town has a fountain. They have those fake hologram fountains that look so real until you touch it. Those are cool but our town likes to live like the old days.

Now in 2215, we have a few space stations, a colony on the moon and on Mars, and currently have a group of astronauts voyaging outside our solar system for the first time, not just robots.

Even with all the advancement one can still be very bored. The most fun thing is my gaming system. The virtual reality really puts you in the game. I suck at games.

Today was okay although I have been getting laughs from some people. I know they find my journal logging tablet funny. “You keep a dairy?” Yes I do, it’s called a journal but whatever flies your ship. I got annoyed with one guy in particulate who always makes fun of me in any way he can. I bet he hired those kids to laugh along with him because it is only his group that laughs at his jokes, until he glares at everyone. He name is Marcus. I punched him today.

One other thing before I forget. I saw an interesting things today in the sky. I never saw it before and I was…..(END)


My Journal #2 – 07/19/2215

I never finished my journal from before. It won’t let me go back for some reason. So I guess I’ll just start this day up with what I was saying yesterday.

I saw a light in the sky. No not the sun, this light was blinking. It was a slow blink, then a fast repetition of them, then a slow one again. I don’t know much else but I just found it interesting to see.

Another thing, this weather today has been wild. I don’t understand it. One minute it is raining, next it is sunny, then raining again. It just changes suddenly. The weather application I use, Sky, is the most accurate weather app to the second, and even it has been wrong all today.

I met a man today who goes by the name of John. That was it, no last name to give. He is ex-military which I found very cool. That means he has used all the high tech gear and laser weapons. He said he also used the old fashion guns that shoot things called bullets, but those jam to easily apparently. He was pretty cool, I met him at a coffee shop.

He left suddenly after a phone call he had with someone. They were talking about the weather I assumed because he kept looking outside at the clouds. It was starting to rain at that time, 3:45PM. Maybe his house was flooded or something. (END)


My Journal #3 – 07/21/2215

I’m not sure how to describe what I am seeing but the light I saw is back again. Expect this time it is much bigger and brighter. Everyone is outside looking at it. The weather was awful all day but now it’s sunny.

And as I say that it’s already clouding over. The light is gone behind the clouds now, I’m not exactly sure what is going on. The police that are standing around are clueless, I already asked them.

I’m probably going to use the microphone for this journal, it is starting to rain so I need to put the tablet away. Luckily it comes equipped with a very sensitive microphone that I can program to just listen for my voice. Got to love technology.

Okay, I’m using the microphone version now. I see it is italicizing my words, I’ll have to turn that off later. Putting my tablet in my bag now. 

Not much too really add on to this actually. The light is gone and it is raining, although not terrible yet. Most people have gone back home or wherever. This had been probably the most action Franfort has seen in years without exaggerating. 

Oh my god… there was an explosion coming from in the sky. Something fell…it…a meteor? Wait….something is stepping out of it… (END)

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