The Need For Off-Campus Recycling

The need for off- campus recycling
Luke Schnieder–Indy Contributor


Currently having lived in numerous different off campus options, I have found one inconvenient

truth about off campus living at Illinois State University. That is fact is most apartment complexes that

are not on campus do not have a place for recycling. This poses a considerable problem because of the

importance of recycling. Recycling helps conserves raw materials by taking old products and making new

products. This in turn helps the need consume precious resources, which in turn will help reduce our

carbon footprint. It isn’t hard to convince people the importance of recycling, but for some reason here

at Illinois State it is extremely difficult to recycle off campus.


Illinois State is a campus full of people not from the area. Only 18.8 % of students here at Illinois

State are from McLean and surrounding counties ( , which in turn

means that 81.2% of student are either from either other parts of Illinois or outside of the state or

country. This means that even if this large amount of students wanted to recycle they simply do not

know how recycling works in Normal unless they do some considerable research.


Within the dorms and around campus there are various locations where you can dispose of cardboard,

paper, cans, bottles, plastics and other recyclable material, but unfortunately it becomes more difficult

on what to do with these items when one off campus lives off campus. Nearly all of the off campus

apartments do not have an option on where to place these recyclables. So what do you do with these

recyclables if you don’t live in a dorm?


The town of Normal offers eight locations in the town where you can drop off recycling, but only

one location is located near student off campus housing .Although this is helpful, many of the students

here at Illinois State have a million things going on we do not have the time to take these recyclables to

that specific place or to do the research that I did to find out where to take recyclables. Additionally

there is another problem as many of the students do not own cars and cannot drive their recyclables

over to one of these drop off locations. It is a good idea to have some recyclable drop off location, but

it becomes pretty obvious that there needs to be something done about this problem. It is very easy to see

how important recycling is to the environment and to save the precious resources that we have. So what

can be done?


Currently online on there is a petition to the city of Normal and off campus

reality to require recycling options for off-campus living. The petition states

“Providing apartments with recycling bins would allow us the opportunity to recycle our waste

in a responsible and impactful way… By signing this petition, I state my desire for recycling in all off-campus apartments”.


When writing this, the petition had nearly 600 supporters and was stillgrowing. Although it may

seem like a small contribution, by signing this petition you are helping carve the way for a more efficient

and environmentally friendly Normal. Your contribution can help current students and future recycle

and do their part. If you feel recycling is important for the city of normal and our world then I would

encourage you to sign this petition.


Here is the link for the online petition


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