The 15 Biggest Myths About a Smartphone Battery

Jamie Mandik

Indy Writer


If you are getting ready to go out for the night, you know you’re phone is going to be plugged in until the LAST second you leave your place. Let’s say you are out at a party and your phone is dying. Everyone tells you all these weird tricks you have never even heard of to save the life of your battery. I am convinced about a few ways to keep the battery life longer. I have done some research and I’ve found 15 different ways to help your battery live longer. With a few easy steps, your phone will last all day and you can thank me later.


  1. Power Down
  2. Turn off Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
  3. Turn off vibrate and keytones
  4. No flash photography
  5. Lower screen brightness
  6. Close applications
  7. Phone calls only
  8. Don’t search for a signal
  9. Don’t let it die
  10. Keep it out of the heat
  11. Turn of GPS Tracking
  12. Limit the screen timeout
  13. Turn off notifications and syncing
  14. Update apps regularly
  15. Purchase an external cell phone battery


With these simple steps, your battery will last longer than ever.

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