Mizzou Arrest to Racial Threats

Jamie Mandik

Indy Writer


We have all heard now about the huge controversy going on at the University of Missouri, or also known as Mizzou, with their multiple racial threats. According to Yahoo News, two teens were arrested in the actions of these threats. One Caucasian teen Hunter Park, 19, posted a racial threat on a social media app called Yik Yak. Park posted on this app saying, “I’m going to stand my ground tomorrow and shoot every black person I see.” Also, he posted, “Well tomorrow mizzou will really make national news. Don’t go to campus tomorrow.” Park is a student at Missouri University Science and Technology.


“Threats of violence of any kind are not tolerated,” Missouri Science and Technology Chancellor Cheryl B. Schrader said in a statement released by the school.


The school says that Park was arrested inside of Thomas Jefferson Residence Hall in Rolla and no weapons were located during an investigation. He will be held on $4,500 bond at Boone County Jail in Columbia.


The additional teen that made racial threats was a Northwest Missouri State University student. The 19-year-old student from Blue Springs was arrested for allegedly making terrorist threats.


Earlier there were also reports that members of the KKK were on the campus and this put two campus buildings on lockdown. One of the buildings on lockdown was the Black Culture Center, but university officials state there is no immediate threat.


This incident happened just one day after racial tension attained a raging argument. This forced the university president, Tim Wolfe, to resign over the controlling of what students called “institutional racism” on campus.


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