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Jamie Mandik

Indy Writer


When you think about the word “healthy” what exactly do you think of? Dieting? Fitness? The word “healthy” doesn’t mean to just eat a salad for every meal while working out every day.  I have come up with five different ways to become healthier as a person and to build a strong immune system and body.  Winter is right around the corner and people tend to stay in and away from the cold and snow.  BUT… you need to stay healthy and active to help your immune system.

Think positive and focus on gratitude

Having a positive attitude relieves stress and helps build a healthier immune system and improves overall health.  Your body believes what you think, so focus on the upbeats in life.

Eat your veggies

Yes… your diet does matter.  You know what they say, “You are what you eat.”  It is important to get the right nutrition.  If you shoot for at least five servings of veggies a day, you will reduce risk of developing cancers of the lungs, colon, breast, cervix, esophagus, stomach, bladder, pancreas and ovary.  If you eat raw, steamed or stir-fried veggies, you’re on the right track.

Set a “5-meal ideal”

Your metabolism is the breakdown of food and transforms the food into energy.  Five meals will help manage your weight, attitude, along with focus and cravings.

Exercise daily

Are you aware that when you exercise daily, it can reduce all the biomarkers of aging?  Working out daily helps improve eyesight, normalizing blood pressure, improving lean muscle, lowers cholesterol and betters bone density.  Becoming an active individual will greatly benefit your immune system.

Catch some “ZZZ”

Sleep is important.  Very important.  Make sure you’re getting enough hours of sleep, so you’re not yawning all the next day. Attempting meditation and yoga can help you fall asleep faster and help relax your body.  Making your room dark and quiet will help you calm your brain and body.


It’s easy to stay inside, eat and be a couch potato on those cold winter nights.  Try your hardest to stay active and healthy during the winter.  You will be more lively and successful when you are healthy and have a strong immune system.  Eating an apple a day may keep the doctor away…along with these healthy hints!


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