Jim Webb needs some love

Baylee Steelman

Indy Vice-President


Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb has ended his bid for the 2016 presidential election. The CNN headline reads, “Democrat quits presidential race.” Among other headlines on the sidebar of CNN there is, “Opinion: Trump, not Bush? Don’t bet on it”, “Bush: Trump is ‘dangerous’ and my favorite, “Trump: I would have prevented 9/11”.


Poor Jim Webb was reduced to the title “Democrat” instead of his full name in the headline. Most Americans probably never heard of Jim Webb prior to the democratic presidential debate. Maybe you are just hearing of him now from my article. There has been an overwhelming and rather exhausting amount of coverage on Donald Trump from the minute he announced his bid for the election. At any given moment I feel like I’m being bombarded by headlines and articles pertaining to Trump. When I thought it could not get any worse, he will be hosting Saturday Night Live November 7. Americans are being deprived from knowledge of some presidential candidates. Besides Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders; Lincoln Chafee, Martin O’Malley, Lawrence Lessig and our beloved Jim Webb are being neglected by mainstream media.


I want to take this moment to veer the attention away from the trendy candidates and give the spotlight to a successful man in our government. Shedding positive light, or any coverage at all, onto someone else is more fun than hearing Trump exclaim that we need a wall.


February 9, 1946 was not just any ordinary day. As the birds chirped and the wind blew through the trees, James Henry “Jim” Webb Jr. came into this earth. Webb grew up to serve as Secretary of the Navy under President Ronald-Reagan. Then a Republican, he changed his viewpoints in hopes to help the hard-working American families struggling every day to put food on the table. Jim Webb is a Delta Chi. He starred in the 2000 film Rules of Engagement with Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones. He has had many best-selling books, won an Emmy and even taught at Harvard. He is a U.S. Senator from Virginia and loves his five children probably. He is on his third marriage and hopefully it works out for the best. He has four decorations and medals for his military service.


Now you know more about Jim Webb. He will be missed by some, unknown by many. May Bernie come forth into the headlines by the time this campaign gets closer to November 2016.


(Featured image retrieved from: http://thefederalistpapers.integratedmarket.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/webb.jpg)

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