Top 10 NBA Uniforms of 2015-16

Jason Klaer

Indy Writer

10.)  Toronto Raptors Alternate Uniforms



These new black and gold jerseys give the city of Toronto a new identity. Musical artist Drake inspired the new look which the Raptors will wear on special occasions throughout the season. It is nice to see more teams stepping away from their primary colors to give something new a shot.

9.) Oklahoma City Thunder alternate Jerseys


Plain is not always a bad thing, if the colors are right. Orange and blue are one of the best combinations to have on a uniform – they fit exceptionally well and both colors standout. They are keeping it to “OKC”, since writing Oklahoma City sometimes causes the letters to rainbow. OKC gets the point across, besides, the Thunder will be putting out one of the best teams on the court this season anyway.

8.) Houston Rockets “Clutch City” Alternate


I have liked what I have seen from various NBA teams, some promoting the nicknames of the players, including what they did a couple of seasons back with players’ last names. The McDonald’s-like colorway is intriguing, with the white letters showing the recent name given to the Rockets. Although the Rockets have not been clutch recently, it is a nice piece to add to the wardrobe.

7.) Atlanta Hawks Alternate Lineup


The gradient featured on these really adds a different dimension to them, in a positive way. Even though I would like to see them go back to the old logos with the wing-spread hawk, these will suffice for now. It may be a little confusing when the Hawks square off against the Rockets.

6.) Milwaukee bucks


As the team has taken a drastic turn in competitiveness, so have the uniforms for the Milwaukee Bucks. This simple look is moderate but it also takes a retro look into the team’s success in the early 70’s. The green shade fits well with the black. The young talent will be fun to watch in these new suits.

5.) New Orleans Pelicans Mardi Gras


It is about time the Pelicans break these back out. The purple, green and gold fits well with the celebration taking place in New Orleans. This combination has not been used since New Orleans changed its mascot back before the 2013-2014 season.  I am not a fan of the sleeved aspect but the coloring is what does it for me. Cannot wait until these are worn later this season.

4.) Charlotte Hornets Buzz City Alternate


The name is what I like most about this uniform. Teal is a nice color to wear, especially with black accents. The Hornets may not be the “Buzz” of the NBA, but they will sure be seen when they rock these on the court.

3.) Los Angeles Clippers


It is about time to recognize a franchise which has essentially made a 180-degree turn over the past five seasons. From being the laughing stock of the NBA, to now contending for an NBA title, the Clippers have the right to wear something new. These are rather basic, just included them in the list to show that sometimes you have to move out with the old and move in with the new. They are subtle, but you are able to see something new.

2.) Dallas Mavericks Skyline Alternate


I am glad to see one city in the country is showing appreciation for its skyline. The black and green variety of this uniform is my favorite, only because I never see Dallas go with green anymore. I would like to know when these are going to be worn, cause I want to make sure I witness it. This design won a competition that was held throughout the offseason.

1.) Miami Heat Christmas Day


I am not sure if all teams will be wearing these around the holidays, or if it is a Christmas Day exclusive. These are awesome, just the way the cursive makes it appear vintage and the darker cream color really goes well with holiday spirit. For the fourth consecutive season, the NBA will be doing something different on December 25, as I said before, the sleeves were not doing it for me. These replace them perfectly while also adding a touch of nostalgia.


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