Mason’s Munchies: Firehouse Pizza and Pub

Mason Weis

Indy Writer

Okay you guys can rest easy now. I’m back. I’m sure since the beginning of the semester you’ve all been wondering, “Where did Mason from Mason’s Munchies go? How are we supposed to know where to eat?” First of all, calm down. Second of all, it doesn’t matter where I went, I’m back now.


This week I went to Firehouse Pizza & Pub in good old Uptown Normal. Firehouse is pretty much the classic “college kids go here on the weekends for pizza and beer” kind of place, and the ambience of the restaurant really lends itself well to that vibe. For example, the inside is dimly lit, there’s usually alternative rock music playing and the smell of marinara hangs heavy in the air. For the most part the restaurant itself is enjoyable to sit in and has a nice atmosphere. One minor gripe I had with the place, however, was the firefighter theme going on with the decor (hence the name “Firehouse”). To be honest, it feels little forced. Altogether I’d describe the decor as cheesy. But I guess at the end of the day “cheesy” is a good adjective to use when describing a pizza place.


The servers at Firehouse are all very relaxed and amicable which is definitely a plus in my book. However, at times, the wait staff seemed like they were a little too easygoing. For the most part, my friends and I were served in a timely manner but occasionally there was a bit of a wait until we were able to get refills on our drinks, which can be annoying when you’re trying to shove pizza down your gullet.


While pizza is Firehouse’s specialty, I decided to be different so I ordered a calzone. I also split some wings with my roommate who tagged along for the dinner. Yes it was a lot of food, but I like to eat so shut up. The calzone was huge, hot, cheesy and altogether delicious. Honestly I’m pretty sure it was better than any calzone I’ve ever had from DP Dough. The wings were also pretty good. We decided to go with the “Xtra hot” wings. Take it from someone who loves spicy food, the flavor was just right. They were spicy enough to get my eyes watering and my nose running, but not so bad that the only thing I tasted was pain.


Unless something completely horrible happens to you, a dinner at Firehouse is probably going to be a good time with good beer, good food and hopefully good friends (if you’re some sort of loner then I’m sorry). And if you’re not like me, meaning you eat normal amounts of food, you should be able to get a fairly cheap dinner that’s still pretty damn good.


(Featured image retrieved from and taken by Jonathon Naplorkowski)

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