Another New Kanye Album: Should We Care?


Sean Tippey

Indy Writer


I’ll be honest, I am a very big Kanye fan. I have been since I was 10 years old and saw his music video for Jesus Walks; But lately I haven’t been in as much awe at the potential for a new record as I have been in the past. Recall Ye’s most anticipated album, his 2010 classic “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. This was the record that came after him storming the stage in a drunken rage over Beyonce not winning the award for VMA “Video of the Year”. But what made the hype surrounding that album so great wasn’t the fact that people were wondering how could he possibly recover from that fiasco (which he did), but it was the music that he released from that incident up until the albums drop date. Over the course of that summer he released what was some of his finest work. The “Good Friday” tracks were unbelievable, and when he performed “Runaway” on the VMA stage only a year after going into seclusion you could tell that he was at his creative peak.


Now fast forward to 2015. Ye has made three albums since “Dark Fantasy” and each album hasn’t lived up to the expectation of Kanye’s previous works. So why should we care if this big-mouth is coming out with yet another album when his more recent stuff has been subpar? I say we should care because when Kanye releases an album the whole rap game stops, listens, and takes from what he puts out. The most recent example is Ye’s 2013 egotistically titled album “Yeezus”. For those of us who have listened to it what was your first reaction? My friends and I said “what the heck is this, this isn’t rap, it’s trap music”. Now today in 2015 the rap songs that get played on the radio aren’t the old school west coast slow jams. They’re fast paced and have a lot of beats per minute. Now is it just a coincidence that mainstream rap started to sound like this after Kanye released the album, or was he onto something? Another example is when his 2008 “808 & Heartbreak” album released. When the album came out all the reviews went something like this “I wish Kanye would quit trying to be Marvin Gaye and get back to rapping”. But two short years later a slow, calm, cool, and collected rapper by the name of Drake dropped his first hit “Best I Ever Had” and the rest is history.


So should we care about Kanye’s new album? Absolutely, it is worth a listen according to the accounts of the people who have heard it. When will it drop? Nobody knows except for Kanye. But don’t be surprised you wake up on a cool fall morning and see on Twitter or Facebook that Ye dropped it at midnight without anyone knowing about it.

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